Mitch Hughes (5 yr old Goldie):

When my Mum & Dad go away I love going to my holiday at Golden Retrievers Homestay.

I get to meet all my bros and girlfriends and we play tag in our own huge park. If Mum & Dad forget to bring my favourite toy for me, I get to choose a new one. Yay! Sometimes, if Dad hasn't been brushing me enough, I get a full grooming, too.

My girlfriends think I'm really cool (and so do I). I can't wait to go back to stay.




Our dog Abby has been a guest of Golden Retriever Homestay for many years. We can’t say enough about the wonderful care that she has received from Kristina and Lynnaire whilst staying in their kennels.

Not only did Abby thoroughly enjoy her visits, but we always felt comfortable that Abby would be cared for with her best interests being of utmost importance. Great attention was always given to her health and wellbeing during her stay. Both Kristina and Lynnaire would go beyond the call of duty to ensure that Abby’s needs, and our needs as owners, would be taken care of.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Golden Retriever Homestay and the personalised service they provide to any Golden Retriever owners and their dogs.
Janet and Peter



We highly recommend Golden Retriever Homestays. Lynnaire and Kristina are warm and welcoming, and they really care about the dogs.

Our 6 year old Golden Retriever Rosie loves her time at the homestay. Rosie enjoys the large open space they
have for the dogs to run around and she loves interacting with the other dogs. The facilities are always clean
and well kept.

We have no hesitation in leaving Rosie at Golden Retriever Homestays.
Pip and Todd Nicholson



I have been leaving my Golden Retriever, Rocky, in the care of the Golden Retriever Homestay for a number of years. Whilst he is a little sad upon my departure, I know from his demeanour when I pick him up after his holiday that he has really enjoyed the attention he has received.

I have absolutely no reservations in leaving him in the Homestay care as I know he is being well fed, wonderfully treated and well exercised. The fact that I travel past 6 kennels on my journey to put Rocky in the Homestay is true testimony of my feelings. The facilities at the “Homestay”could not be better (it must be the equivalent of a 4 star hotel for us humans).

The effort that the owners, Kristina and Lynnaire, put in to ensuring the dogs in their care are safe, well-fed and have a great time, is just outstanding.

I am very happy to recommend the Golden Retriever Homestay to any owner of a Golden Retriever who wants to know that their pet is in good hands and will be wonderfully cared for when they are unable to do so.
Grant Kerr



Zac is Eds & my second Golden Retriever now aged ten years.
Our first Goldie Zara was eighteen months old when we re-homed her and she had lived with four other Goldie’s.  We never left her at Kennels as we were very concerned she would fret too much and being off a somewhat timid deposition we were always worried Zara wouldn’t cope!   We persisted with no kennels for Zara throughout her life and would even get in House dog sitters to look after her for all of her fifteen wonderful years with us.
When we got Zac as a puppy it was a new experience for my wife and we both embraced it and loved Zac growing up.   We made the decision that to give us time away we would this time place Zac into dog kennels but no ordinary dog kennels but we learnt of a breed specific Golden Retriever homestay said to be “a home away from home” up in Te Horo.
We had bought Zac from Jan Cook at Misty Moor breeders in Gorge Road, Te Horo and Jan put us onto The Golden Retriever homestay.   Using the Golden Retriever homestay right from when Zac was a pup was a great decision and Zac took to the Kennels “like a duck to water”
When Lynnaire and Kristina took over the kennels from Liz Steed I must admit we were a bit apprehensive about the new owners and went to inspect the kennels for ourselves before we were happy for Zac to go stay there.
Both my wife Eds and I were very impressed noticing straight away that Kristina and Lynnaire treated the dogs like their own.  The personal touch of getting updated photos of Zac playing with the other dogs whilst we were away made us feel assured Zac was always in good hands.
Zac has become one of the dogs on the Golden Retriever homestay website, Zac certainly considers the kennels as more of a second home to the point when we pick him up after a stay he is somewhat reluctant to leave all his new found mates!
Zac also partakes in the Wednesday “Doggy day care” and absolutely loves playing with both Goldie’s and labs.   Zac now has his regular best mates he loves playing with and he sure does sleep well (snores!) after Wednesday’s workout.
I highly recommend anyone wanting somewhere to place their beloved Goldie or Lab whilst they are away.   You too will find your dog loves it at 121 Gear Road, Te Horo and is only too happy to visit again and again.   Kristina and Lynnaire keep the place spotless, really do love dogs and it shows!

Bruce and Eds (Edna) Johnston, Zac


On arrival with our girl to "Purple Paw" homestay , she strains at the leash to get out and to her many friends pausing only to greet Lynnaire and Kristina en route at what for her has become holiday time at the Te Horo Canine Hilton. At times we feel she is loathe to leave having been so well cared for. She is always returned groomed and in great shape having been well exercised in the back paddock and housed in large and clean pens. We also purchase our dog food from there and it has never been problem for them to deliver when passing. The girls are very pleasant and caring and provide a variety of services for your dogs wellbeing.We have no hesitation in recommending Golden Retriever Homestay to other "Retriever" and "Labrador" lovers (Ratty and Toad)
Fatty the Toad



We have a 2 year old Golden Retriever.  Coco adores Lynnaire and Kristina and always enjoys her stays at Golden Retriever Homestays.  When we turn off the main road towards the Kennels, Coco knows exactly where we are going, her ears prick up and she gets very excited.  Once at the gate she drags us into the Kennels and can't wait to be off the lead and meeting old and new 'friends'.  Coco always comes home healthy, happy and extremely tired. It is reassuring to know that Coco is well looked after during her stays and we can't speak highly enough of Kristina and Lynnaire. We do recommend Golden Retriever Homestays to anyone wanting a wonderful 'holiday' for their Golden.

Bev and Derek


Ruby, Bailey and Bruce

We love going to stay with Auntie Lynnaire and Auntie Kristina at their excellent hotel, although we’re slightly biased as one of us (Ruby) was born there many dog years ago. As a result, she seems to think that all of the cuddly toys that are hanging on the wall for sale are hers!
We always have a great time meeting new friends, and are able to run around and play with them in the garden heaps. Our rooms are clean and tidy, with plenty of warm bedding. The food in the restaurant is nice (it’s the same as we get at home), but we usually have room service. If we get wet, we are towelled down before we go back to our rooms, which is always fun (for us,but probably not for the aunties!).

It’s sad when we leave the aunties and our friends, but we always look forward to coming back the next time our people have to be in Wellington.

Ruby (13), Bailey (11) and Bruce (2)